Chedomir Markovitch, Account Executive and Licensed Producer

Chedomir Markovitch

You can call me Ched
6 years in the industry
@Bakker since 1999
Graduate of Trinity College

What is your favorite sport?

I love soccer and tennis. I love to watch soccer, football, and UCONN basketball, both men’s and women’s.

Community Involvement:

I coach children in Soccer and Tennis. I also interpret for the Immigration Bureau.

Personal Motto

Give your life for your country, your faith to God and your honor to nobody.

On weekends, you can find me…

Playing tennis and visiting with my grandchildren.

Any interesting facts about yourself?

I am fluent in 5 languages – French, Italian, Russian, Serbo-Croatian and English. I grew up in Europe and traveled extensively in Europe and West Africa. I’m a huge history buff!

Tell us about your family…

I was raised by a Russian widowed mother and grandmother, who taught me good manners, respect for other people and the will to succeed.

Career experience

I spent 28 years in commercial banking as Senior Vice President for Guaranty Bank and Vice President for Bank of Boston.



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