Hosting a party?

 I’m hosting a party at a local social club. Do I need special coverage for that? How about if we serve alcohol?



 It is an all too familiar event. You are hosting a party at a local social club and you did not obtain coverage. Something unfortunately went wrong and you were left to blame. We hear this tale far too often!

Whether you, a friend, family member or loved one is throwing an event, it is in everyone’s best interest to obtain coverage. It is simply one of those things that you regret not doing when it is too late. With that being said, it is impossible to predict the unknowable. Being liable for an injury, or finding yourself in the court of law being sued for negligence, can stem from many innocent things such as the following:

  • A duty or reasonable care
  • A breach of duty
  • Harm
  • Host liquor liability
  • Proximate cause

As we are all aware of, hosting a party or an event can be fun but there are so many things to do in preparation. Things such as keeping a clean house for your event, or even hiring a professional bartender who carriers their own liability coverage, can significantly cut the risks you may encounter. Just be sure to ask the bartender for proof in the form of a Certificate of Liability if you are serving alcohol and need someone. In addition to planning the location, entertainment, food and drinks you may want to look at your insurance policy to see if you have proper coverage.

The best way to avoid being sued for liability is to avoid the loss from happening in the first place. As important as it is to have proper coverage to protect your assets, it’s important to know most homeowner’s policies also include the cost to defend you even if you are found not liable. You can be sued at any time for almost any reason. Even if there are no solid grounds for the law suit, the cost to defend yourself can be costly. Why wouldn’t you be properly prepared? Our agents at the Bakker Agency will work diligently to discuss the specifics with you. They would love to help answer your specific questions, since every situation is different.

We all hope you have a great time hosting your next party. Give the Bakker Agency a call at 860-676-1957 as part of your party planning checklist to make sure you are well protected. Create lots of great memories and no bad ones.

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