Braulio Alvarez, PLCS

Braulio Alvarez, PCLS

3 years in the industry
@Bakker since 2011

What is your favorite sport?


Personal Motto

Be honest, be kind, and try to help others!

On weekends, you can find me…

Enjoying quality time with my family and friends on occasions.

Any interesting facts about yourself?

I received an award from the American Heart Association for helping save a co-worker’s life by performing CPR while he had a heart attack.

Where have you traveled?

I have traveled back to my country of birth, Ecuador. I have also traveled to Spain, Canada,

Career experience

I was recruited from the hospitality industry to become an Insurance Agent.


Bakker Agency • Main Office: 302 West Main Street, Suite 206 • Avon, CT 06001 • 860-676-1957
Branch Office: 4 Bridge Street • New Hartford, CT 06057 • 860-379-8555
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