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Kurt Carpenter

@Bakker since 2016
Asnuntuck Community College

Any interesting facts about yourself?

I like old houses, mine was built in 1850. I like to discover the off the beaten path out of the way places. I’m creative and my wheels are always turning in my head. I like to stay active and enjoy gadgets and tools.

Any interesting background information about your career:

I have a strong customer service background. I’m attentive to detail, take pride in my work and have a strong work ethic.

Hobbies and/or travel experience

I enjoy photography, art, traveling, furthest I’ve been is to Hawaii. I’m passionate about cooking, home improvements, gardening, hiking and working out. I also enjoy exploring new restaurants with my wife. We like to go antiquing and thrift storing. We do a lot of functions with our Church.

Personal Motto:

It never hurts to ask, “The worst they can say is, no.”

On the weekends you can find me:

At Church, Working on the house, Visiting family/friends, Hiking/working out, Dining out, the movies and shopping.

What is your favorite sport to play, watch or both?

I like to play tennis and swim. I will occasionally watch hockey, basketball, gymnastics, marital arts, tennis and volley ball. I think the American Ninja Show is pretty cool! Most times I’m too busy to watch.


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